I'm really ashamed of my country. Everyday more.
I kwow Italy has always been a place full of contraddictions but still I can't accept it.
I can't accept the easy it seems to live in immorality, looseness and illegality.
I know that if Berlusconi won again after only two years he was sent back home (was he?) by voters sick and tired of the very personal use he did of politics, it is because in Italy people seem to have very short memory. We are the country of "rehabilitation" but still I can't accept it.
Press, tv, journalists, everyone bows down to the power. No criticism, no rebellion to the destruction of the Rule of Law, no indipendent thinking or acting. This is my country. This is the modern "Berlusconism dictatorship".
In this picture, then, it is easy to understand the "Lodo Alfano", a bill which represents a "response to the need of those in the highest positions of state to work in serenity" as the (In)Justice Italian minister stated.
Then there's the mess-up of the last financial law which basically takes away from the workers the right to sue their company when it doesn't guarantee them with regular contracts as the law states. Basically, if before a company didn't give the worker a permanent contract after a certain period of fixed-term employment and he still worked under this kind of contract beyond the time limit stated by law, he could ask to the court for a permanent employment and the company was forced to give it to him. With the new financial law the only thing that the company is forced to do is just paying a fine corresponding to the salary of the worker for a period from two to six months. Question: who the hell is going to refuse to pay a stupid fine when you're not forced to guarantee a permanent contract to you employee anymore? Another question: who the hell is going to tell the court he's working under fixed term beyond the time limit knowing that he can be released on the spot by the company if he does that?
And the list is longer and longer, every damn day more. Like someone said, "I feel disgusted, angry, sick. But not of those wirepullers of my raped country, I'm sick of ourselves who don't go to throw our rage up their expensive shoes!".

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